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This section is where you will find a list of useful resources covering a range of topics relevant to the Textile and Design areas. These have been divided into a number of sections - please click on the relevant link below to see the list of resources included.

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Knitted Textiles

Knitted Clothing Technology - Terry Brackenbury ISBN - 0632028076

Printed Textiles

Textile Design - The Complete Guide to Printed Textiles for Apparel and Home Furnishing
- Carol Joyce ISBN 0823053261

Textiles - A Handbook for Designers - Mary Paul Yates- ISBN 0333801652

Complex Cloth - A Comprehensive Guide to Surface Design - Jane Dunnewold- ISBN 156477149-0

The Complete Book of Fabric Dyeing and Printing - K Wells-ISBN 1850298661


Textiles - Properties and Behaviour in Clothing and Use - Edward Miller- ISBN 0713472359

A-Z Textiles Technology - Jenny Ridgwell- ISBN 1901151018

Anstey Weston Guide to Textile Terms - Weston Publishing Ltd-ISBN 0953013006


Fashion Buying Merchandising and Management - Tim Jackson and David Shaw- ISBN 0333 801652

Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers- ISBN 0500 20313X

Encyclopaedia of Fashion Retails - Patrick John Ireland- ISBN 0713448040

20th Century Fashion - Valerie Mendes, Amy de la Hayne -ISBN 0500203210

Addressing the Century: 100 Years of Art and Fashion - Hayward Gallery- ISBN 1901151018

Fashion Sourcebook - Kathryn McKelvey -ISBN 0632039930

Fashion Marketing - Edited by Mike Easey- ISBN 0632 034599

The Business of Fashion - L Drew-ISBN 0521408253

Illustrating Fashion - K McKelvey and J Munslow -ISBN 0632040246

Smart and Technical Textiles

Textile Innovation - Traditional, Modern and Smart Textiles - Ros Hibbert MPhil RCA
ISBN: 0 9540110 0 7

The New Textiles - Trends and Traditions - Chloe Colchester-ISBN 0500 277370

Techno Textiles - Sarah Braddock and Marie Mahoney-ISBN 0500237409

New Nomads - O1O Publishers-ISBN - 9064504229

Green Textiles and Sustainability

Green Design - Design for the Environment - Dorothy McKenzie- ISBN 1856690962

CAD in Fashion and Textiles

CAD for Fashion Design - Renee Weiss Chase-ISBN 0133732428

CAD in Clothing and Textiles - Second Edition - Edited by Winifred Aldrich -ISBN 0632038934

IT Glossary for Schools - British Computing Society-ISBN 0582 312558

A Glossary of Computing Terms - British Computing Society -ISBN 0582 369673

Clothing Production

Fabric Form and Flat Pattern Cutting - Winifred Aldrich- ISBN 0632039175

Metric Pattern Cutting - 3rd Edition - Winifred Aldrich-ISBN 0632036125

Introduction to Clothing Manufacture - Gerry Cooklin -ISBN 0632026618

The Technology of Clothing Manufacture - H Carr and B Latham-ISBN 0632037482

Introduction to Clothing Production Management - A Chuter-ISBN 0632039396


Hats Made Easy - L Waring-ISBN 1863511504

The Hat Book - Juliet Bawden-ISBN 1-852383682



Talent and Technology - CAD/CAM and Quick Response and Case Studies
93 Sumutra Rd, London, United Kingdom, NW6 1PT
Tel: +44 (0)20 7435 3749

Undressed - Fashion in the 20th Century - Beckmann Publishing -Tel: +44 (0)1624 816585

The Story of Fashion - Volume 1 - Remembrance of Things Past - Thames and Hudson

The Story of Fashion - Volume 2 - The Art and Sport of Fashion - Thames and Hudson

The Story of Fashion - Volume 3 - Age of Dissent - Thames and Hudson

Textiles Dyeing and Printing , Textiles Mass Production Systems and Techniques, and Testing TextilesAvailable on both CD-Rom and VHS Video - by Emtex and Pumpkin TV Ltd  for orders contact Pumpkin TV Ltd, 21 Winsdor Rd, Bristol BS6 5BW




Textiles Database - Rangemore Software Ltd, 1 Rangemore Hall Mews, Burton on Trent, Staffs, United Kingdom, DE13 9RE

ICT Textiles - Interactive Exploration of Textiles Design and Manufacture - Economatics
Tel: +44 (0)114 281 3311


Ridgwell Press- Produce a range of videos and resources to support Textiles Teachers in the classroom. For more information visit their website Ridgwell Press

Chinese Patterns (Pattern Book and CD-ROM) - Agile Rabbit Editions-ISBN 9057680068 visit

Batik Patterns (Book and CD-ROM) - Agile Rabbit Editions- ISBN 9057680041visit

Floral Patterns ( Pattern Book and CD-ROM) - Agile Rabbit Editions- ISBN 905768005

For more Agile Rabbit Publications visit

Clotex CD ROM - Interactive Textiles CD-ROM all about Textiles

Foots-e - Steps to Work - Interactive Classroom resource which gives insight to the world of shoe making - see for ordering information and prices

Shoebook- A Textile Industry Resource- A Step by Step lesson resource for a shoe making project.See  for ordering information and prices



Textiles Software

SpeedStep ProPainter and ProSketch - fashion and textiles design software

See details about the New Software ProPattern, this new software offers you a new approach to pattern designing.

Want to continue training and raise your skills the new Interactive Designer will help you
Website:      or


Fittingly Sew - Version 1.2 - pattern drafting program
Cilla Mann, PO Box 18, Chester, United Kingdom, CH2 4WT
Tel: +44 (0)1244 303050
Download trial version -

Designaknit - Version 7 - a knitting design program that can be linked to a knitting machine
Cilla Mann, PO Box 18, Chester, United Kingdom, CH2 4WT
Tel: +44 (0)1244 303050 -

Garment Styler - Pattern drafting program
Conchenile Studio, c/o Gillian Lamb, 16 Firwood Close, St John's, Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom, GU21 1QU Tel: +44 (0)1483 476 356. See the Garment Styler website for more information click on the link to the website to see more information Garment styler

Pattern Boutique-Pattern generation software by Wild Ginger see the Wild Ginger Software site for more details see.  Also check out the new WildThings free software for designing hats, bags and accessories, - Wild Ginger Software - Pattern Software


Books  |  Videos  |  CD-ROM's  |  Software


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