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Textiles wordbank

Key textiles words to help you build up your own glossary

Glossary - Textiles Glossary

Key textiles terms used both the GSCE and A level Specifications.

Digital printing resources

Want to do digital printing in the classroom and need to know where to get resources from then check out our succinct guide.


SpeedStep Product Sheets

To Download ProPainter Product Sheet click here

To Download ProSketch Product Sheet click here

To Download ProPattern Product Sheet click here

Want to find out more about the SpeedStep Design Software range and how you might want to use it

For Design Companies please click here

Schools please go to  or

Further and Higher Education -Want to use the SpeedStep Design Software, help students create professional results for portfolios- please click here


Brother - Education At Your Side

We are proud to be working with Brother UK. In Education at your side you can see how you can get the best out of your use of the Brother PE Design Software and your sewing machines.

View the latest version of Education at Your Side on

We offer a a range of training packages to suit please contact us for more information or to view the latest courses on offer click here


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