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Design Services offers a range of fabrics for both knit and print and consisits of three elements - the Knit Studio, the Print Studio and the CAD Studio. If you are developing new ranges or products contact, Design Services for further information.

The Sinclair Consultancy also offers training for designers and design companies - see below for more information.

The Knit Studio

The Knit Studio consists of 5gg, 7gg 10gg and 14gg machines.

Within the studio you can create knitted fabrics and combine these with print, or embroidery..


The Print Studio
The Print Studio is able to offer a range of custom made designs. These can be sample printed using our sample Digital printer. Printing can be done on both synthetic and natural fabrics.


The CAD Studio

The Sinclair Consultancy's CAD Studio can also create Design Boards and assist with Presentations and Technical specifications. The CAD Studio can help you develop the presentations you require, utilising the SpeedStep Software - ProSketch for your technical drawings and ProPainter for your creative presentation work. Do you work in Photoshop or Illustrator or Coreldraw? Need new ideas, We are able to work in either format, developing your presentation contact us for further details.


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Training for Designers

Calling all Textiles/Fashion Designers!

Do you need training on specialist design software? Want to utilise the latest digital printing technology? Want Industry standard software at a competitive price? Enhance your skills for today's job market and much more besides?

Then keep a look out for a range of CAD training courses aimed especially at you - run by a Designer for Designers.

Places are limited to 8 per course,
Course 1 - ProPainter for Fashion and Textiles - 3 full days
Course 2 - Prosketch for Fashion and Textiles - 2 full days

You will have demo software to use for the duration of the course and on completion of the course, you can purchase the Speedstep Pro 2000 range of software at a very competitive price.

To register your interest for the course and receive product information please contact us or visit the SpeedStep website where you can download the ProPainter product sheet (PDF format) and the Pro-Sketch product sheet (PDF format), as well as find out about the Speedstep Pro 2000 range of Fashion and Textiles software. You can also take a virtual tour and have a go at creating designs on line.

News - Fashion and Textiles Companies

IIf you are a company looking to update your staff expertise, in textiles and fashion we can provide bespoke training to enhance the creativity and knowlege base of your employees. We can create a training programme that fits in with your schedule. For a demonstration,or further details please call onT: 020 8663 6733 or M: 07887 947770 or email us - we look forward to hearing from you.


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