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Links to Fibres/Fabrics Websites


This section provides links to websites covering the fields of fibres and fabrics. When you click on a link, a new browser window will open for you to view the website. Remember to close this down when you finish.

Websites have been divided into the following sub-categories:

General Fibres/Fabrics  |  Natural Fibres  Green Fibres/Products/Textiles

General Fibres/Fabrics

Tencel - synthetic fibre lyocell made from wood and spun into yarns.

Cotton Incorporated - research and marketing company representing upland cotton.

Lycra - stretch fibre from DuPont.

Kevlar - fibre from DuPont combining high strength with light weight.

Coolmax - fibre technology from DuPont that transports perspiration away from the body to the surface of the garment, where it can evaporate quickly.

Stomatex - Stomatex NE (neoprene) is is for close contour fit apparel and Stomatex PE is suitable for use in multi-layered clothing systems and footwear.

Polartec - company responsible for the launch of fleece and performance fabrics for Next-To-Skin, Thermal Insulation, and Weather Protection applications.

Amicor - smart fibre with a locked in safe and durable additive that can act against allergens and bacteria.

Velcro - hook and loop products and fastening systems.

DuPont - leading manufacturers of yarns and fibres such as Tactel and Lycra.

Enka - fibre producer supplying viscose filament yarns that provide sun protection.

Gorix - a fabric for use with electronics for wearing or other purposes.

Gore-Tex - manufacturers of fabrics for use with moisture management and electronics.


Natural Fibres

Linen - Masters of Linen - looks at all stages of manufacture and design on Linen (flax products).

Cotton - Information centre about cotton from Cotton Council International.

Cotton - Information centre related to all things cotton.

Wool - Woolmark , a leading organisation providing information about all things wool.


Green Fibres/Products/Textiles

Eco-spun - produce recycled polyester.

Luisa Cevese - Riedizioni - recycled Textiles.

Sustainable Cotton Project - looks at how cotton is made in sustainable production.

Design Companies Freitag recycled bags Junky Styling recycled fashion Project Alabama re-embroidered 2 nd hand garments project

Design for Sustainability Research The 5 Ways Sustainable design project Eco-learning website Online Eco Smart Materials Collection

Eco Design Resources The International Network for Sustainable Design Edwin Datchefski's Sustainable Design site The Ecological Design Institute


Green Choices - articles and links about shopping consumer issues.

Demi - web-resource bringing together wide ranging information on design for sustainability.


General Fibres/Fabrics  |  Natural Fibres  Green Fibres/Products/Textiles 

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