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Links to Design and Textiles Websites


This section provides links to websites covering the fields of design and textiles. When you click on a link, a new browser window will open for you to view the website. Remember to close this down when you finish.

Websites have been divided into the following sub-categories:

Design - Professional  |  Companies in Design, Textiles and Fashion  |  Smart Textiles

Design - Professional

Design Museum - museum dedicated to the study of contemporary design.

The Design Council - organisation working "to inspire and enable the best use of design in the UK, in the world context, to improve prosperity and well-being."

The Crafts Council - the UK's national organisation for the promotion of contemporary crafts.

Clerkenwell Green Association - charity working to maintain and promote fine craft and design skills in the heart of London's historic community of Clerkenwell.

Chartered Society of Designers - professional organisation which is the only body in the world able to grant chartered status to designers.

DTI Textiles and Clothing - Lots of information about the textiles and clothing industry and strategies for its development for the future.

The Textiles Institute - membership association of professionals in the apparel, industrial, agricultural and medical textile industries.

Inteletex - a textile business information and resource centre from World Textile Publications.

World Textile Publications - a business-to-business publisher of market-leading periodicals, online services and trade directories covering the global textiles industry.

Trendzine - an online forecast and trend reporting service.


Companies in Design, Textiles and Fashion

Sara Lee Courtaulds - supplies branded and private label clothing to major retailers in the UK and internationally.

DuPont - science company, delivering science-based solutions in the apparel market.

Levi Strauss - one of the world's largest brand-name apparel marketers with sales in more than 100 countries.


Smart Textiles

ElekTek - product which combines conductive fabric structures with microchip technology.

BioSteel - man-made spider silk manufactured by Nexia Biotechnologies.

Lifeshirt - a suite of products and services that collects data around the clock while people go about their normal routines.

Indicator Gloves - cycling gloves incorporating LED indicator lights.

Philips - research in products for clothing

SOFTswitch Electronic Fabrics - a unique technology developed to enable textiles to function as interfaces to control any type of electronic device.

Speedo Fastskin - fabric composed of "super stretch" fabric made to improve the suits fit and compress muscles.

Online Eco Smart Materials Collection Textile Innovation; Smart, Modern and Traditional Materials by Ros Hibbert


Design - Professional  |  Companies in Design, Textiles and Fashion  |  Smart Textiles

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